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A Trip to The Store


I don’t shop often, but the other day I went to a major box store and I was shocked by the way people were talking to each other.  Couples absolutely berating each other in public, with language I wouldn’t of used with my spouse in private, let alone in the middle of a busy public place.

If I can ask, what is up with the use of the F…, this is the meaning of the word:

  • have sex with (someone)
  • ruin or damage (something)


  • an act or instance of having sex


  • used alone or as a noun or very in various phrases to express annoyance, contempt, or impatience.

Yet, we use this word numerous times in one sentence with no regard to who is around.

In saying all of this, as an Employer you might think that your Employees are doing great.  They are working from home, couldn’t be happier.  My recommendation, spend a couple minutes at a major box store and you might find out different.

The Insurance Companies have been warning us for a while about the state of Mental Health right now.  I certainly see it in the prescriptions, the increased use of Psychologists and Social Workers in the claims usage.  Clients who were sitting on the fence about implementing an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) have been adding them to their Employee offerings.

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