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An Apple Watch Saved a Life

Photo by camilo jimenez on Unsplash

Am I being a bit dramatic, it is something we will never know.  Anyone who knows me understands that I don’t work for Apple and even though I can operate my phone, I wouldn’t say I am techy.

Earlier this year someone very close to me had a mild heart incident.  I was in a position that I could spend a couple weeks and help them through this time.

They mentioned to me that they would like to have a fall detector.  I did some research into the options available. The results were less then satisfactory.  My biggest bone of contention was if the person left their home they would know if she fell but wouldn’t call 911.  Instead they would call her 3 contacts.

What are we suppose to do when they call us?  My response to this is I can watch Skip the Dishes driving to my house. They even show when they stop at a light and you can’t find my friend once she has left her home??? I was going to sign her up with Skip the Dishes, the perception is they have better technology.

Someone had mentioned that the Apple Watch has a fall detector on it.  I will admit, I’m not the best person to be able to find all the research on the product.  I would like to know if anyone had experience with the Apple Watch and the Fall Detector?

There are other areas of the watch that might of saved my friend’s life.

The other night she was sitting and watching TV and her watch went off.  It was letting her know that she was having irregular heart rhythm. When the paramedics came they showed my friend that the watch was showing exactly what their expensive machines were recording.  She was the hit of Emergency, Doctors and Nurses were coming in to see how this watch worked.

When I was speaking to my Doctor and told him about the watch and the incident, he said that a lot of falls happen because the person is having problems with their heart and they don’t know it.  They stand up and this is when the fall will occur.

It also isn’t that big grey thing around her neck, but a stylish watch that will tell the time, call 911, it has Medic Alert on it, etc.  Of course, make sure you do your own research, I just know that I couldn’t find much on the product because it is fairly new.

I feel better knowing that Apple has my friend’s back.

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