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Do You Have Zoom Fatigue?

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I am so fortunate to have an amazing team of Specialists that work with me and in turn are accessible to my clients.  Two in particular that I would like to give a Shout Out to are Peter Comrie with Full Spectrum Leadership and Tanja Halsall with Potentia HR.

What does that have to do with Zoom Fatigue?  Well such a great question, thank you for asking.

Tanja was happy to provide the clients of Glendinning Insurance Services with an up close and personal Zoom meeting to answer any Human Resource questions including employee safety.  So I contacted a number of my clients to ask what their burning questions are and was informed that most of the clients are Zoomed Out.  They felt that the majority of their questions have been answered and they know that they can contact me with any questions.

The other thing I was happy to hear is that a lot of my clients either didn’t have any layoffs or are bringing back employees.  It wasn’t as slow as they initially thought.  The clients that quickly changed the way they did business and evolved seemed to be doing well.

Since I do not want to waste Tanja’s or your time, we decided it would be best not to proceed with the Zoom Meeting.  However, I have included Tanja’s contact information, she is a wealth of information and works with quite a few of my clients.

As most of you know, I have been working with Peter Comrie from Full Spectrum Leadership for years and his council has changed my life for the better. I have linked in Peter’s contact information. He is in the middle of redesigning his website that will be up and running at the beginning of May, please feel free to visit it.  Glendinning Insurance Services is one of the suppliers featured on his website. Peter is also accessible through Linkedin and Instagram.

Peter recently wrote an article that I resonated with.  It is about owning my decisions, and is this a time to look at some of those changes I have been putting on the back burner.  The below is the article, I hope that it will resonate with you and give you the courage to evolve.

“Making the Hard Decisions in Tough Times

Peter Comrie April 2020

Most of us gravitate towards a comfort zone, and then build a life around it. This type of life is generally predictable and controllable—something that makes us feel secure and capable. Within that comfort zone we know things will still change, but none of us expected the types of changes we’re living through now.

Why Do We Prefer Our Comfort Zone?
If we all know things are going to change, why do we try so hard to stay in our comfortable spaces? For many, it’s how we’ve been brought up and how we raise our children. Society approves of this behaviour. Governments, organizations, and those who would control us prefer that we remain easily accessible and assimilated.

And then there are those who grew up in chaos and are determined to never live like that again. It makes sense to try and create a predictable, orderly life where you know you have a safe place to live and food on the table every day.

But the longer we stay in our comfort zone, the more difficult it is to make a decision to change. We become afraid of failing if we try something new—and afraid we might not be able to return to what we know.

Choosing Freedom
Freedom is not freedom unless it is exercised. Choices are not choices unless they are made. Freedom, choices, and unconditional love are what you are. Are you ready to express yourself? Are you ready to experience them?

Meaningful choices are hard to make. They require moving from your comfort zone, but they also promise the highest rewards.

Perhaps the current changes we’re all experiencing—changes we had no choice in—are making you rethink your life. If things can change as quickly as they have in the past few months, has it become more compelling to make the choices you can make? Have you learned new things about yourself and what you want that you’re ready to express?

Right now, you have the freedom to choose what to think about. You may also have the freedom to choose who you’re with. If you must be with people who take joy from your life at this point, you still have the freedom to choose how you think, speak, and act around them. You also have the freedom to begin to plan for a life that serves you best going forward.

You won’t have these constraints in your life forever. What can you do right now so that you can take some steps out of your comfort zone and into a more exciting life in the future? Are you willing to step through some fear to see what’s on the other side?”

One of my favorite songs is “I Lived” by OneRepublic, it gets me dancing every time I hear it.  This article reminded me of that song.

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