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What is BC Pharmacare Doing Now?

BC PharmacareI want to start this Blog out with a situation I am dealing with in my own personal life.  Please don’t be mad at me Mom.

At this time in my life I am very fortunate, I’m not on any medication.  However, I am dealing with a situation with my Mom that I feel is concerning and a bit scary.

The pharmaceutical company has stopped making a prescription that my Mom has been on for several years and it worked very effectively.  We are now on the hunt to find another prescription that has side effects that my Mom can live with or hopefully no side effects… However we are talking about prescriptions.  This has been harder than I imagined, and in the meantime, the side effects my Mom is experiencing are very concerning to me.

So as I copy and paste this next statement from Greenshield’s Transition Announcement, I have a new perspective on what this can mean to some people.

“Recognizing that the evidence shows that biosimilars are just as safe and effective as their originator biologic counterparts, the British Columbia government announced on May 27, 2019, that BC PharmaCare is requiring that patients taking three biologic drugs –Enbrel®, Remicade®, and Lantus® – transition to biosimilars.”

I’m not saying that Mandatory Generic or using Biosimilars wherever possible isn’t a good thing, the previous prescription my Mom was on was a Generic, the model we have now for prescriptions is not sustainable.  I now recognize the price some people pay trying to find that magic pill and when they do, the reluctance to move to another prescription.

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