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I Am Coming From a Place of Gratitude


This past month has gifted me the opportunity to reflect on how fortunate I am to, not only live in Canada, but to have the health care that we have. I hear, and have said on many occasions, it isn’t perfect. Is that true, Hmmm Maybe?

I have been pondering this week about my Blog last week called Why Not You? What if I changed the way I look at insurance and came from a place of gratitude instead of fear?

I was asked to come in to a client company and speak with employees over the past week and go over their benefit plans. I realized that in my attempt to assist the employees to feel gratitude for the benefit plan and the contribution the employer puts towards the plan, I was coming from a place of fear instead of gratitude. I told the employees all of the horror stories of claims that I am currently addressing, and have dealt with recently. These stories are very real for me, since I am speaking directly with the people who are living them.

What if I stopped talking about Insurance as a Sophisticated Welfare System, and coming from a position of fear?  Would people change the way they think about Insurance? I suspect so.

I continue to keep my client’s needs foremost in my practice, and know that when I come from that place I am rewarded. Not just financially, but also being able to sleep peacefully at night knowing I have done the best I can to protect the people who are trusting me with their families welfare.

I do feel so much gratitude for my life, and all of the privileges it comes with. With this in mind going forward, I am going to change the way I think and talk about the value of Insurance and I hope that you will come along for the ride.

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