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Do You Have Your Out of Country Card?

With the world opening and travel resuming I wanted to put a reminder out to make sure that you are carrying your Provincial Health Care Card and your Out of Country Coverage Card.  If you are not covered under your Provincial Health Care, you are not covered under your Out of Country provider either.  This will not come to light until you have a medical emergency, so please ensure that you have both with you.

I also leave a copy of my Provincial Health Care and Out of Country card with a close friend or relative in case I am unable to speak for myself they have all the information.

If you have Empire Life as your Employee Benefit provider, please ensure you print off a new wallet certificate.  They have changed their Out Of Country emergency provider.  Employees should be printing off a current wallet certificate so it has the correct phone number should they need it.  Below is the link that gives you the information on the new Out of Country provider.

Empire Life has a new travel emergency assistance provider

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