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Do You Know What You Purchased?

Kelowna-TreeI just had two situations come up where people bought Out of Country coverage through other establishments.  One was through Costco, just a note that Costco was not the insurance company.  The other was through Tugo, unsure who sold it to them.  On both occasions I am assisting them through the claim process.

The out of country policy purchased through Costco did not pay at time of claim and when he returned to Canada the Insurance Company wouldn’t even return his calls.  Through my connections in the industry, I was able to assist him and he has been reimbursed for his claim.  My outstanding question is, why wasn’t the claim paid when he was in the hospital?  I will continue to research that.

I do not have all the details on Tugo, however, my understanding is that he took a red eye to Toronto on the 20th and left the country from Toronto on the 21st.  Tugo considered him to be out of country on the 20th, which was the start of his trip.  Even thought he did not leave Canadian soil until the 21st.

Why does it matter when you leave Canadian soil?  Most people do not want to pay for Insurance until they are in a position they require it.  Only Allianz will allow you to buy insurance once you have left the country.  Under Allianz you will have coverage for injury immediately and after 48 hours you will be covered for illness.  Fortunately, this is one of my group clients and he already had out of country coverage through the group plan.  I will work with him to have his benefit reimbursed through the group plan.

I recommend that if you do not have a full understanding of the wording in the contract, then deal with someone you trust and someone who will be there for you at time of claim.  This isn’t just for out of country insurance, but for all insurances.

If you want to deal with a broker who stands behind the product they sell, contact Glendinning Insurance Services.

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