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Does Chaos bring more Chaos?

When you work with Glendinning Insurance Services, you get a business person who feels great responsibility for our client’s well being.


During this chaos I would have thought that loyalty and trust would be high on the parameters. I have experienced the opposite.  I have also struggled with the information that has been floating around.

There have been a couple Insurance Brokerage Companies that I feel have not been completely honest in their message. They have been telling my clients that the reason they can save the client money is because there isn’t a Broker Commission.

Insurance Council of BC

This is not possible. We are governed by the Insurance Council of BC. There has to be a licensed agent to sell insurance.  It is illegal to sell insurance without a licensed broker.

Years ago insurance companies made the decision to work with an educated broker. Every Broker is required to go through at least 10 to 30 hours a year of continued education to keep their licence. This allows us the privilege to work with you the client.


My other confusion comes from client’s being trained that we have to switch to a new Insurance Company to receive the best.  There are several industries where taking things out to tender is a requirement.  However, I then hear about how the best price doesn’t always mean the best work.  An Insurance Company is better able to stand behind their client when there is stability.

Cost to Move

What is the cost to move??? The Human Resources Department relearning the online admin? Filling out the forms and the disruption of your employees? Do they need to reapply for prescriptions, enter again the information for the practitioners they use, etc??? Time is money.


I certainly have researched options for my clients. With that research I have found better contracts and pricing and moved clients.  However, being able to stay with an insurance company is cost effective in so many ways and I do not recommend a move lightly.

If you would like to work with a Broker who feels a great responsibility for their clients, contact Glendinning Insurance Services at 250-215-2355.

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