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Does the Covid Vaccine Affect Your Employee Benefits?

Sun Life is bringing some clarity on how they will handle their Employee Benefit claims for Life Insurance and Disability that are related to Covid.

COVID-19 vaccines and your group benefits plan coverage

  • Will getting a COVID-19 vaccine affect my life insurance coverage? What if someone dies as
    a result of a side effect of the vaccine?
    Getting a COVID-19 vaccine has no effect on your life insurance coverage. The same is true if you
    don’t get immunized – there’s no effect on coverage. If a plan member passes away as a result of a
    vaccine, we’ll pay that claim (assuming that it’s otherwise eligible).
  • Will receiving the vaccine affect my disability coverage or cause a claim to be denied?
    Getting the vaccine won’t affect your coverage. There are also no changes to your coverage if you
    choose not to get the vaccine. We assess claims due to an adverse reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine
    like any other claim. If you experience an adverse reaction that prevents you from performing the
    essential duties of your occupation for longer than your plan’s waiting period, you would be eligible
    to submit a disability claim.

Hopefully we will see some of this clarity from the other Insurance Companies.

As we start to bring Employees back into the office, the chatter is, can Employer’s require Employees to have the Covid Vaccine?  I have been reading some information from the US and they are asking for Employees to prove they have the vaccine before returning to the office.  Will Canada follow their lead? Can we follow their lead?

Glendinning Insurance Services will continue to follow the transition back to the office and how this might affect your Employee Benefit Plan.

In the meantime, please contact Glendinning Insurance Services with any questions (250) 764-0142.

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