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Are Your Employees Financially Healthy?

financial health

My last article spoke to how one of my client’s was doing a great job in getting their employees up and moving.  Having a happy, healthy employee also means they are in a good financial position as well.  Stress is one of the top disability claims and relationships and money are a large part of that.

I was just in seeing a client who was concerned with the salary they pay their employees.  They didn’t think that is was enough, but due to the industry they are in the wages are comparable.  Most employees who enter this industry due it out of love of the business.  I mentioned, what if we spent time with the employees assisting them, if they want, to live within their means.

Not that I spent a lot of time watching Dr. Phil, I know you are all saying “Sure Pam”, I remember him saying you don’t solve the problem of someone who is in bad financial shape by giving them more money.

I am excited to announce that I have teamed up with Sandy McAllister who works with Lifestyle and Income Protection.  As the attached flyer mentions she is “Working to Ensure Your Family’s Financial Future”.  She has done an incredible job with the clients she has spoken with and she follows up in writing with the goals of the client.  She stays in contact with the clients on an annual basis as a reminder of the goals and to work through any changes in their lifestyle that might have occurred throughout the year.

As the employers I work with know, service and meeting my clients at least once a year outside of the renewal are important to me.  So I am happy to have found someone who has similar values to mine.

I will be contacting my clients to introduce Sandy and give employees and employers the opportunity to start working with her.  In the meantime, please contact me with any questions.

Part of Living a Life Worth Insuring!, is ensuring you can afford the life you want to live.

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