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What Do Employees Use for An Employee Assistance Program?

empire-life-logoI was on a webinar with Empire Life regarding their Employee Assistance Program (EAP) through Aspiria.  The webinar was interesting because they spoke about why people contact an EAP provider.

The one I think I was most surprised by was Climate Change, which is the number 2 reason for people to contact an EAP provider.  Aspiria explained that employees are being affected by Climate Change such as fires and floods.  We certainly can relate to that in the Okanagan area.

Employee Assistance Programs

This was the page they showed us on the webinar that gives the main reasons why people contact an EAP provider.

One of the things Aspiria spoke about is the number of employees who come to work but aren’t working at their full potential due to their personal lives.


This is a benefit that more of my clients have been including in their offering to their employees.  Below is a couple articles on EAP that I have previously put together:

This benefit is relatively inexpensive and can assist employees to be present at their job.

If you would like to talk about the options available to your Company, contact Glendinning Insurance Services, your Resource Specialist.

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