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Has Drug Compatibility Testing Arrive?

Back in August 2016 I started writing about Pharmacogenetic Testing and I had the pleasure of having Dr. Rusland Dorfman from Geneyouin, also called Pillcheck as a guest writer.  I will link the previous blogs for your reference:

I recently received information from RBC Insurance that they are offering the Drug Compatibility Testing at a reduced rate.  This test could be helpful in so many areas.  However, if you read some of my previous Blogs, not all tests are equal.

These tests have to take into consideration “genotyping panel used by the MyDNA includes only 25 markers, which results in poor assay sensitivity, particularly in the ethnically diverse Canadian population.  Such panel was optimized for cost efficiency to include only the most common markers present in Caucasians.  However, markers that are common in Native Canadians, Blacks, East Asians, Arabs, and Ashkenazi Jews are missing.  Therefore, these minorities are likely to receive false negative results, leading to incorrect clinical decisions.”  This was taken from my Blog Right Drug, Right Dose Is Available Now.

I am unsure who RBC Insurance is using, I would ask the question prior to agreeing to the testing to make sure it will offer you the correct result.

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