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What is New With Sun Life’s Benefit Plan?

Gender Transition 1200Sun Life has just announced that you can purchase additional coverage for Gender Transition Surgery.

I understand that the transgender community has not adopted the rainbow flag.  I liked the picture and I do feel for most people these colours represent diversity.  I hope that I haven’t offended anyone by my choice of picture.

“Sun Life’s new offering will be available with two levels of coverage:

Core Coverage: coverage for basic surgical procedures not covered under the individual’s provincial or territorial health care plan. Examples include the reduction of the Adam’s apple and voice surgery.

Enhanced Coverage: additional coverage for surgical procedures to align feminine or masculine features to the transitioned gender, such as facial bone reduction or cheek augmentation.

Those wishing to purchase the Enhanced level of coverage must also purchase the Core coverage.”

I feel fortunate that I am comfortable in my skin, I cannot imagine what people go through when they don’t self identify with their gender.  Thank you Sun Life for giving people the option to assist an employee or possibly a spouse through this procedure.

I am unsure at this time what the cost will be and the exact parameters around the coverage.  If you are interested in adding this coverage, please contact me and I will be happy to research the benefit further.

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