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How Will Disability Insurance Work in a Hybrid Work Environment?

One of the questions that is asked when applying for an Individual Disability Policy, do you work from home?  There are different risks associated with someone who has to physically go to an office, retail store, etc.  With the changing work environment, Employee Benefit Programs as confirming this are well.  Since it can change the risk.

Now that the pandemic has given us a reprieve, Employers are figuring out how the Employees should work going forward.  Not all employees work well from home, while others thrive and some want a hybrid approach.  How does an Employer accommodate everyone’s individual needs while still running a business?

I have a lot more questions coming my way surrounding Mental Health.  Employees are reaching out and asking what is offered under our Employee Benefit Program?  This is an area that Insurance Companies have never changed.  Several of my clients have included an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) thought Homewood Health.  Which is my favorite provider for these services.

Contact Glendinning Insurance Services at (250) 764-0142 to confirm that the Insurance Company understands the environment that your employees are working in.  Your risk might change based on the situation your employees work in.

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