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The right HR Consultant can assist with creating a healthy and productive workplace for you and your Employees.

At Glendinning Insurance Services, we have a common interest with Potentia HR & Engagement Consulting; we both believe in healthy employees, and healthy and productive workplaces. “Potentia” – meaning “Power”, is the Latin root word for “Potential”. Let me introduce you to Potentia Human Resources and Engagement Consulting. They have one priority – Helping people, and organizations, reach their full potential. With over 30 years of progressive and innovative Human Resource and People Practices, Tanja and her team at Potentia are well positioned to support your business. Services include: customized leadership development programs, talent attraction, HR mentorship, coaching, HR advisory services, to name a few. Whether you are seeking advice on a particular issue and/or situation, or are looking to retain Potentia HR on a monthly basis to integrate progressive Human Resource and leadership practices into your organization, they are here to help.

Having worked with Potentia HR directly, we have benefited from their best in class HR/People practices. I have known Tanja for several years and I really enjoy her positive can do attitude. She has worked with my businesses as well as Employers who have hired us to work on their Employee Benefits. Tanja comes with a holistic approach, working to get to the root of the situation, then goes through the process to ensure a timely and agreeable solution.

Potentia is proud to offer clients of Glendinning Insurance Services a preferred rate. Contact Potentia today to explore how they can support you and/or your organization, reach their potential and drive business results.

Website: www.potentiahr.ca
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: (250) 469-3824

We have a small company of less than 10 employees and Pam has always gone above and beyond to ensure we have the most cost effective comprehensive coverage for our team. Her assistance with any claims has always been more than expected. Pam is very knowledgeable, professional and caring and I highly recommend her company.
Pamela is very professional, approachable, knowledgeable, and client focused. She has setup our small businesses with an affordable benefits package. She is always reachable and willing to help and make sure the clients are being looked after.
Pamela and her team at Glendinning Insurance Services are exceptional. They are progressive, listen to their clients needs, and provide excellent client service. What makes them really stand out, is that they care. They care about their clients and their well-being; I highly recommend reaching out to Pamela to see how she might best support you and your business.
Are you in need of a trustworthy insurance broker that actually cares about your business? Our group of 6 companies has been working with Pamela Glendinning of Glendinning Insurance Service for over a decade. We'd highly recommend her!

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