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I Need My Client’s Help

How do we Stop Late Entrants? I really need your help.

This year we have spent more time on Late Entrant’s than ever before. That one-time exception. We are getting several of these requests daily. Which means we are running out of favours with the Insurance Companies.

What is a Late Entrant?

When you sign up for your employee benefit program, you must add new employees in a timely manner. Most employers agree to a 3 month waiting period and a minimum of 24 hours per week. You have 30 days after an employee’s waiting period ends to add the employee to the benefit plan.

The main reason I feel that adding employees in a timely manner is so important, is the liability an Employer takes on if someone became sick or disabled. The Insurance Company is not under any obligation to add an employee if you have missed the time frame.

How about income, if an employee becomes disabled and their income has not been adjusted with the Insurance Company, the difference in benefit could be your liability, not the Insurance Companies.

I am unsure what the solution is, but lately you are not the only one who has asked us that day for an exception.

We are happy to help you and will continue to work on your behalf, we just need a little help from you. Let us know how we can assist you so we can stop the one-time exceptions of late applicants and ensure your employees are covered.

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