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If it is treated as a right is it subject to abuse?

Photo by Maxime Doré on Unsplash

I have been Blogging about the changes that the Provincial and Federal Governments are working towards implementing or already have implemented.  Benefits Canada posted this article on April 27, 2021 about the latest change the provinces are giving employees. They are now requesting that Employers give their employees 3 hours paid leave to get the Coronavirus vaccine shot.

Here are the most recent changes that are either in effect or are being put forward:

  • 10 day paid sick leave per year, who is paying for this?
  • increasing the Employment Insurance Sick Leave form 17 weeks to 26 weeks.  Once again, who is paying for it and how will it effect you the Employer and your benefit plan?  That doesn’t even take into account an employee absent from work for 26 weeks.
  • Now the provinces are mandating that Employer’s give their employees 3 hours paid time to get the Coronavirus Vaccination. I guess it is clear who is paying for this.

I am struggling with my feelings for all of these changes.  I have an employee who would never abuse any of these changes, so it is easy for me to not be concerned about them.  However, I help a lot of employer’s that this is really going to impact them and their bottom line.

At what point is there a responsibility for each person to look after themselves and to do what is right for themselves and their community?  How many people will abuse these changes?  I know for me there is a satisfaction that comes with taking responsibility for myself and my choices.

If it is treated as a right it is subject to abuse???

Thank you Peter Comrie of Full Spectrum Leadership for helping me sum up how I am feeling about all of these changes.

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