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Is Employment Insurance Benefits Increasing?

I would like to thank Nagatoshi Shimamura for this image.

Welcome to 2021…  I hope that everyone was able to spend time with at least a couple of your Family and/or Friends over the holidays.

With the start of a new year there are a lot of changes that come with it.  I will start with Employment Insurance (EI).

Increase in EI Maximum Insurable Earnings and Weekly Benefit

The federal government has updated Employment Insurance (EI) rates and maximums:

  • Maximum insurance earnings: $56,300
  • Maximum weekly EI benefit: $595

These new rates have taken  effect January 1, 2021.  This increase affects plans with Short-Term Disability benefit (STD) where:

  • The maximum STD benefit reflects the EI maximum weekly benefit or
  • The EI maximum earnings amount is used to work out the STD benefit amount

Come January, the STD payment we make will reflect the 2021 EI update.

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