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Is Sun Life Offering Flexibility?

I believe most people’s perception of an Insurance Company is that the word Flexibility and Insurance are not used in the same sentence. I don’t agree with this, since I have found if you create a relationship with an Insurance Company, they tend to have more flexibility at time of claim.  It is when a Company moves from one Insurer to the next every couple years, that Insurance Companies do not feel they can invest in claims.

In saying that, Sun Life is offering flexibility on the following:

“If any such documents expire before September 30, 2020, we’ll still pay an otherwise
eligible claim. This includes:

  • Prescriptions, nurse practitioner or doctor referral for paramedical services
  • Drug exception forms, which includes prior authorization and special authorization
  • Provincial Specialty drug program responses or documentation”

They are offering this option since getting into see your Doctor of Paramedical Practitioner might be difficult in these times.

Let’s see if other Insurance Companies follow their lead.

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