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What Does Busy Mean?

BusyI am writing this Blog as a reminder to me to work on changing a mind set I have.

The word of our time, “Busy”, which means having a great deal to do.  I have been working hard to take this word out of my vocabulary.  I feel when I use it that I am removing the responsibility of my day from me onto this ominous word “Busy”.

What does the word busy mean to me???  That it wasn’t a priority for me.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I have 24 hours in a day and I have a choice of what I do with that 24 hours and prioritizing what I do in that time is important.

The other phrase is; “I don’t have enough Time”.  We all have time and we all have the exact same amount of time in a day.  So I am trying to say; “I didn’t make the Time”.  Which once again is about prioritizing my day and taking responsibility for my choices.

So… speaking of being busy… I am writing this blog from Montreal.  I have been invited by Empire Life to attend my second Advisory Board and I am quite honoured to be asked back.  The Advisory Board provides the broker and my clients a voice with the Insurance Company.  The last one was in St Louis and it was very interesting, including the visit to Express Scripts.

I look forward to Blogging next week about the Empire Life Advisory Board.

In the meantime, if you would like to work with a Broker who is a voice for their clients, contact Glendinning Insurance Services.

Live a Life Worth Insuring!