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Would You Do Virtual Orthodontics?

One thing the pandemic has brought out is change.  I think it is great seeing all of us adjusting how we run our businesses.  I have to admit, other than more time spent on Zoom, nothing much as changed for me.

Green Shield who is the leader in change, is now offering Virtual Orthodontic Care as per the below:

“As another step forward in making health care more accessible for plan members, Green Shield Canada (GSC) is enhancing the scope of orthodontic coverage to include virtual orthodontic care delivered by a licensed dentist, effective March 1, 2021 – and we are pleased to announce that this option is offered through our new partnership with SmileDirectClub, a leader in this field. This virtual option greatly reduces financial and geographical barriers, and is available at a significantly lower cost than in-person treatment. When comparing GSC’s preferred pricing through SmileDirectClub to the cost of an average course of in-person/traditional orthodontic treatment, it is approximately one third of the cost.”

I like the fact that your money will go further, by the cost dropping 2/3.  This makes it more accessible to people.  I will be interested to see if the results are the same.

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