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Did Dealing With Insurance Companies Just Get Easier?

How could it be??? Insurance Companies have stepped up their game and are making it easier for you to deal with them.  I am using the information from Canada Life; however, Empire Life also offers a similar program.

Online enrolment for group benefits members
First impressions are more important than ever when we’re busy and information is coming at us from all angles. That’s true for members enrolling in their group benefits plan too. Building on the simple and seamless experience of member self-serve enrolment and using insights from over one million members who’ve already enrolled using the system, we’re planning to expand access to more sponsors and members, including:

  • Members of plans moving to Canada Life from another provider
  • New employees of sponsors who transfer enrolment data using their own payroll or HR system.

Employers can connect their payroll systems directly with the Insurance Company. This means you only have to enter an employee’s information once.  The Employer enters the information on the employee on their payroll system and that information goes directly to the Insurance Company.  An email goes to the employee. The employee completes the information on their dependents, beneficiaries, etc.  No more late entrants and updating salaries twice. These will automatically be downloaded once completed on the payroll system.

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