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Are You Managing Expectations?

I am finding with the Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) the biggest problem comes in managing the expectations of the time it takes to receive assistance.  When an employee calls the 1-800 number they ask the question, “Is this an Emergency?”.  My perception of an emergency is, are you in a suicidal state.  So most people say no.

The EAP provider then prioritizes your need for assistance.  Sometimes by the time they are able to get you into a councilor it can be 5 to 10 days.  I highly recommend that when you speak to the person on the phone that you receive a very clear understanding of what time frame you are looking at.  Although it might not be an emergency today, it does not mean 5 to 10 days is acceptable either.  That way you can ask what other assistance is available in the meantime?

Ensuring you have a clear directive of what to expect from your EAP Provider, will leave you feeling that they are providing you with the assistance you require.

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