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Are You Ready to Pay Your Employees 5 Days Sick Pay?

Our provincial government switched the MSP premium/tax being paid from BC Residents to the Employer Health Tax in 1999. They are now adding 5 Days of Paid Sick Leave effective January 1, 2022.  There will NOT be any subsidy from the government for this additional benefit provided to your employees.  If they did provide subsidy it would just mean more taxes for all.

I’m not saying that giving employees sick leave is a bad thing, I certainly support it in my corporation.  There are some employees that might see this benefit as a right and ensure they use it in full every year.

How many more hits can a small employer take?  How does this benefit integrate with Employment Insurance?

When an employee comes to us this year and wants a raise, will this cost be factored in? I would think so.

I have included a couple articles:

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