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Are Your Employees Struggling?

I have had several conversations with Employers about their Employee’s Mental Health.  When I go in at renewal or when we have our mid-year review, I ask Employers about an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).  Quite often I hear that their employees are fine and don’t really require it.

We than review the claims usage and in the majority of the cases, Depression Medication is one of the top 3 prescriptions used.  It might not be your employee, it could be a family member.  However, if a family member is struggling this could affect your employee.

There is a lot out there right now about Covid and Mental Health.  Families are spending more time together, and in some cases they are less active.  Is this causing more stress on your employees or less?  You might never know.

We have worked with several Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) and Homewood Health has become our Carrier of choice.  But it only works if you keep this information out in front of the employees.  Remind them that this is available to them.  How do you get this information home to the rest of the family?  Right now is the time to ensure that your employees are aware of this valuable benefit that you have provided them.

For more information on this benefit, please contact Glendinning Insurance Services at 250-764-0142.

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