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Are the Fitbits Just The Start of the Trend?


I attended the Telus Health Conference last week and they talked about all of the data that is being collected regarding people’s health.  The question is, what do we do with this data?  What does it mean?  The average person has no idea how to process this data, therefore, the fit bit is worn for about 6 months than sits in in a dresser drawer.

There are a couple apps and websites that have been created to assist people with health problems to make use of this important data.

  • is a mental health app that monitors the persons phone activity.  When the activity drops they contact the person to ensure this isn’t due the start of depression.
  • Propeller Health offers chronic respiratory management.  By measuring where and when you have symptoms, Propeller makes it easier to manage asthma and COPD
  • Omada’s Health they help employers and health plans tackle chronic disease in the most engaging, effective, and scalable way possible.
  • Chrono Therapeutics  is transforming how medicine is delivered and how people achieve their health goals through the convergence of optimized drug delivery, embedded sensor technology to monitor compliance, and connected and personalized behavioral support.
  • Proteus Digital Health  they believe this is a problem with the product, not the patient. They believe that by providing the right technology to individuals who deliver and receive healthcare, we can build a more effective health system focused on daily care and new information-based business models.

Non-Adherence to medication is costing the health care system, does this type of monitoring boarder on invasion of privacy?

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