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Live a Life Worth Insuring

I am very excited to welcome you to Glendinning Insurance Service’s new website. The website will enable you to get to know the company well, and the dedicated people behind it. 

We have chosen the tag line “Live a Life Worth Insuring”, and it has intrigued me to discover how each person who views it has a unique interpretation of what it means.  For some it means curling up with a good book, spending time with Children or Grandchildren, or traveling the world.  For me personally, it is my valued time with my family and friends, being challenged physically, and constantly learning both on and off the job.

Here is my invite to you. Show me how you personally “Live a Life Worth Insuring” prior to the end of the September Labor Day Long Weekend, and you’ll be eligible to enter in our draw for one of three Fitbits.  Please provide me a picture and a description of the “Life you Live Worth Insuring”.

At Glendinning Insurance Service we are committed to ensuring our clients success.

Now get on out there and Live a Life Worth Insuring!