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Taking the Mystery Out of Out of Country Coverage…Part 4… 911

You or your travelling companion on your behalf, MUST CONTACT the Out of Country provider’s 24 hour Assistance line IMMEDIATELY if you or one of your dependents experiences a travel emergency. It is important the contact be made prior to receiving medical care, except where advance notice cannot reasonably be provided due to medical or exceptional circumstances.

This is to ensure that you and your eligible dependents receive immediate and appropriate care monitored by professionals. Some medical and hospital authorities demand cash deposits before providing any medical care. Some may even insist that their bill is settled in cash before you leave. Your Out of Country provider can minimize these hassles by verifying coverage and arranging/coordinating payments wherever possible.

I would like to thank Empire Life for working with me on the Out-of-Country Blog. Although most of the Insurance Companies operate under the same guidelines, I recommend that you check with your Insurance Company and get the responses in writing.

Please contact me with any questions or further clarification required.

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