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Taking the Mystery out of Out-of-Country Coverage – Part 1

The first part I would like to talk about is Travel Advisories.  You are responsible for knowing if an area you are travelling to is under a Travel Advisory.  If you are concerned about an area, please check the Government’s Travel Advisory Website;

The warnings you will see on this site are as follows:

  • Exercise normal security precautions
  • Exercise normal security precautions (with regional advisories)
  • Exercise a high degree of caution
  • Avoid non-essential travel (with regional advisories)
  • Avoid all travel

Under Limitations and Exclusions in the Employee Benefit Policy:

“The Travel Emergency Assistance Program services will apply only to designated countries which may change from time to time.  It is the responsibility of the Person Insured to inquire prior to his departure whether services are provided in a specific country.”

It is important when travelling into a high risk area to ensure that the medical services you might require are available.

The last part I would like to talk about if you are in an area that is high risk, you still have coverage for an unforeseen medical event that is not associated with the Travel Advisory.

I would like to thank Empire Life for working with me on the Out-of-Country Blog.  Although most of the Insurance Companies operate under the same guidelines, I recommend that you check with your Insurance Company and get the responses in writing.

Please contact me with any questions or further clarification required.

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