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The Most Hated CEO in America


The Financial Post wrote about Martin Shkreli who increased the cost of the drug Daraprim by 5,000%.  This drug is used for people who suffer from HIV.  His reason for the increase was the company is not profitable and he wants to use the profits to do more research.  He apparently wants to make the drug safer with less side effects.  In the world of pharmaceuticals not many people are effected by this increase and even less in Canada.

The way he handled the controversial increase to the drug was seen as less then professional.

The prices of these drugs effect both our government and private insurance programs.  In Canada and especially BC we are fortunate to not just have access to the prescriptions but have the majority of it paid for.  As consumers we must continue this discussion, at some point these pharmaceuticals will no longer be affordable for the average person, government or private insurance program.

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