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What are the Top 10 Travel Insurance Questions?

Empire Life Insurance uses my favorite out of country Insurance Company Allianz to manage their claims.  Empire Life invited us to a webinar with Allianz, and they provided us with the Top 10 Travel Insurance Questions and I am happy to pass them onto you.

1. Is the cost of a Covid-19 Test for traveling covered?

Taking a COVID-19 test to comply with government requirements for travel is not a medical emergency and therefore not covered.


2. If the country I want to travel to requires a vaccine passport, what can I use as proof?

Call Allianz or inquire with local public health authorities for their entry requirements. Canada is developing an internationally recognized document.

3. Does vaccination status impact my emergency medical coverage?

Vaccination status does not affect your eligibility for emergency medical benefits. Coverage is nonetheless subject to standard policy limitations and exclusions (e.g. pre-existing condition exclusions)

4. If I get COVID-19 and am hospitalized while travelling abroad, do I have coverage?

The Travel Emergency Assistance Program contains no specific exclusions for emergencies related to government travel advisories or COVID-19. Coverage is nonetheless subject to standard limitations and exclusions (e.g. preexisting condition exclusions)

5. If I test positive for COVID-19 while traveling and must quarantine abroad, am I covered for meals, accommodation, medical expenses, etc.?

Quarantine is not considered a medical emergency, so these expenses are not covered

6. If I am fully vaccinated but received mixed doses, how will this impact my travel?

Countries have different positions on this and can change their approaches unexpectedly. Ask Allianz or the local public health authority if your vaccines will be accepted. Allianz pre-trip planning service can help create an informed and smooth travel experience

7. Does the Travel Emergency Assistance Program automatically coordinate with my home province to cover expenses?

Following claim adjudication, Allianz automatically coordinates eligible claims with plan members’ home province. The only action required by plan members is to sign and return their Allianz claim form

8. If I am delayed getting my COVID-19 test for re-entry to Canada, are my expenses covered while I await negative test results?

This is not a medical emergency, so any expenses would not be covered

9. If my doctor says I am fit to travel, am I covered for emergency medical? I had a heart attack several months ago?

If you have a pre-existing medical condition and it has been stable in the three months prior to your departure date, you are covered

10. Should I pay out of pocket for a small claim or should I always call Allianz?

It’s recommended to notify Allianz of your claim in real time if you have the opportunity to do so. For a small claim, if you are unable to contact Allianz and plan to pay-and-file, be sure to get receipts that includes (at minimum) patient name, name of facility or physician, date and description of services rendered and confirmation of payment amount.

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