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Are You Hiring Part 2?


I spent some time this weekend with several other Business Owners. Our conversation kept coming back to finding employees.  They were past the point of asking for good employees, they just need people to show up for work.

We talked about the how they value their employees. Some of the companies were lucky enough to have employees that have worked for them for 30 years.  My question; Does your Employee Benefit programs reflect the value you find in your employees?

What does that mean?

  • The census was everyone valued their employees and wanted to support their families. However, their benefit plan doesn’t have a Long Term Disability and/or Critical Illness benefit?  These benefits tell employees that you will support them even if they are unable to work.
  • Does your Prescription Drug program have a $1,000 or $5,000 a year cap?  This can leave employees feeling you are there, unless they get really sick.
  • Do you have an RRSP program that you match the Employees contribution?  This can show them that you appreciate and value their work. Also you are supporting them into retirement.

This is great Pam, however there is only so much money. Some of these Stop Losses are in place because it isn’t feasible for us to offer our Employees everything. I get that, but you are in a competitive market right now and some things have to change.

My question is, Are your actions and words in line?  Are you saying one thing and doing another? This can be giving your employees a mixed message.

This article was just put out by; More than 21,000 jobs unfilled in Thompson-Okanagan.

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