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Can Employees Be Forced to Get Vaccinated?

Photo by Ivan Diaz on Unsplash

If I thought I had Covid fatigue before, I am probably at my breaking point now, and this isn’t over.

In Canada we have rights that pertain to employees and their privacy. Yet, Employer’s have a responsibility to the safety of their Employees.  We are on tricky ground right now regarding requiring employees to be vaccinated.

  • Can Canadian Employers ask their employees to get vaccinated?
  • Can they ask their Employees if they are vaccinated?
  • Is the safety of a whole more important then the rights of one?

These are some tuff questions and I certainly do not have the answers.  I am just bringing the conversation to you.

Benefits Canada has posted a couple articles on what some larger companies are doing:

“Twitter Inc. is among the latest employers enacting a coronavirus vaccination policy for employees.”

“As more Canadian employers implement coronavirus vaccine policies for staff and clients, Hermie Abraham, an employment lawyer, says provisions that still allow unvaccinated people to participate are at the core of their legality.”

I would say this is a soft policy.  You can keep your job, but if you want to return to the office you must be vaccinated.  These are large companies with more options. What about us small employers, how do we move forward?

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