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Do You Need to Be Vaccinated for Out of Country Insurance?

I read this article in Castanet regarding Covid Insurance and travel.

Understanding the contract that you purchase is always a good idea.  If you don’t understand what you purchased, buy insurance coverage from someone you trust.  Shopping for the cheapest rate sometimes is not in your best interest, especially if you are traveling with preexisting condition(s).

I use different Insurance Companies for different reasons.

Because of this article we researched our Group Insurance Companies, and no one has changed their position on Out of Country Coverage and Covid. This is the article we previously provided that spoke to the majority of the Insurance Companies and their coverage.

We previously provided information on Covid coverage that Private Insurers provide.

I spoke to Allianz Global Assistance and they will continue to offer the separate policy for Covid.

At this time I am not aware of any changes to the contracts, and as I hear of changes I will let you know.

In the meantime, please contact Glendinning Insurance Services at (250) 764-0142 with any questions.

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