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Private Covid Out of Country Coverage Finally

People who want to travel this winter have been waiting for this.

As I suspected, the Insurance Companies have started coming out with a comprehensive Covid-19 Policy.

Attached are some of the highlights for the Covid-19 policy through Allianz that was released last week:

  • This plan is only for Covid-19, so you would need additional insurance
  • On the effective date of the policy you must not have any Covid-19 symptoms for this policy to come into effect
  • The policy can be sold within 240 days prior to the effective date of the contract
  • You can purchase a USA and Non-USA policy.  A USA policy will cover you worldwide.  Non-USA will give you 24 hours coverage if you are travelling through the USA to get to your destination
  • No medical questionnaire required or underwriting for this policy
  • No age limit
  • You must purchase this policy prior to you departing from Canada, even if it won’t be in effect right away.  Why wouldn’t it be in effect right away?  If you have a Group or another Individual Insurance Policy that covers you for Covid upon arrival.
  • This plan will direct you to the nearest hospital or will return you to Canada by air ambulance or economy flight
  • They will return a travel companion – one way economy
  • Quarantine Meals & Accommodation is $150/day up to a $2,100 maximum per person
  • If you are denied boarding they will give you $300 for meals and approved accommodation and extend coverage for up to 72 hours
  • Coverage can be extended if quarantined

Exclusions, I didn’t include all the exclusions since I felt some were common sense.  I always encourage my clients to read the policy in greater detail or they can contact me:

  • If tested positive for Covid-19 prior to trip and not tested negative prior to travel no coverage will be provided
  • If you have any symptoms 14 days prior to date of travel
  • Non-Covid-19 conditions, this means this policy is only covering Covid-19 conditions
  • Level 4 Advisories are not covered, at this moment Cruises are a Level 4 Advisory.  You will not be covered for Covid-19 if you are on a cruise.  I would want to check a sail boat or catamaran prior to departure just to be sure
  • Elective Covid-19 tests without a Doctor’s referral will not be covered
  • If the family is on the same itinerary, one policy will cover everyone
  • A refund of premium will be provided if a client has not yet departed on their trip and is cancelling their trip prior to departure

If you would like a quote or have some questions regarding this contract, please contact Glendinning Insurance Services at 250-764-0142.

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