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Has Mental Health in Your Workplace Become an Issue?

The claims experience I am seeing is showing an increased usage in Psychologists and Social Workers.  Which means more employers are calling me and asking what is available for their employees?

Recently I came across this article from Benefits Canada;

There are several posts that I have previously blogged on that talk about Mental Health and it seems like the need has just increased.  We can bury our head in the sand, but this problem is not going away.

While most companies are not in a position to implement a deluxe program. There are options.

The benefits that currently are available with most plans are an Employee Assistance Program, my favorite company for this is Homewood Health.  Their basic package is 4 visits and after that the employees will use their employee benefit program.

Where the employee benefit package becomes limiting is the therapists available, and the maximums. If they work with a therapist that isn’t covered under the plan, there isn’t any coverage.  Most plans offered have a $500 per year maximum.  These maximums haven’t changed in years, but the needs have changed.

As an Employer, I feel it is best to go back to basics. What are your intentions when you implement a benefit plan?

  • Is it to hire and retain employees?
  • Is it important for your employees to be mentally present at work?  I would suspect most employers would say Yes to this question.
  • The balance between offering prescription drugs, dental, provincial health care, etc.

How do you please everyone?

Glendinning Insurance Services is happy to have this conversation with you and your employees and assist you in finding a plan that works.  Let’s not forget your bank book as well…

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