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Is My Perception Reality?

Insurance Companies can add a lot of illnesses onto their Critical Illness plans, but do they bring value?  Would it be better to have all-inclusive definitions or earlier payouts?

An example, HIV for people working in the medical industry. Did you know that there has only been one case of infection back in 1999?  Does this definition bring value to the contract or is the perception that they are providing great coverage where the risk is very low or nonexistent?

If you would like a Critical Illness contract that has:

  • No waiting period at time of claim
  • No pre-existing condition
  • No age limit
  • Automatically insures your child(ren)
  • Has the option to insure spouses
  • Competitive pricing

Sound too good to be true?  It isn’t, most of my clients are on this plan design.

Contact Glendinning Insurance Services at (250) 764-0142 to talk to us about this amazing product.  We can help you change your perception to reality.

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