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Why Do I Use Certain Insurance Companies?

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I was reminded once again this month why I enjoy working with certain Insurance Companies.

As most of you know I have become a bit of an expert on Out of Country Coverage  and with each policy I have sold I have learned more.  In my Employee Benefits Practice I tend to gravitate to certain companies because of their service, not only for my clients but for us as well.

The reason I am writing this blog is, once again I was reminded how important the service is when purchasing or claiming an Insurance Product.  When I call Allianz, an Out of Country provider to ask a question, there is someone there to talk to me.  Some of the other companies will call me back in 24 hours… there is no one there to answer the phone… what if I am in a meeting or on another call when they call me back, it would be another 24 hours and so on…  I have also had great success with the claims, which is really why Insurance is purchased.

I have a client who is on her way to Norway to compete in a snow kiteboarding competition.  I thought I would require special insurance and it would cost more for her.  Allianz informed me, that someone competing in a professional competition can be covered under the regular Out of Country benefit plan; unless the competitor is being paid whether they win or lose and are considered a Professional by the governing body of the sport they are competing in.

My only exception on this one is if you have a medical issue, than Manulife has been my Insurance Company of choice.

If someone won’t pick up the phone when I want to buy from them, what are the chances they will pick up at time of a claim???

Sometimes money should not be the deciding factor on what Insurance to go with, because our time is money.  Let’s spend less time asking for service and more time doing what we love.

If you want to ensure your time is spent on your business, not on insurance, contact Glendinning Insurance Services.

Live a Life Worth Insuring!