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What benefits do younger employees want?


I did a Blog a while back on Millenniums and the differences in the benefits they require.  This article out of Benefits Canada is saying that Millenniums are more concerned about their Mental Health.  I have found, as awareness grows around Mental Health, that more of the Employer’s I work with are supporting this with an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).  The other area most people are unaware of is that a Supervisor, Manager or Owner can use the service if they are dealing with an issue with an employee.  I have had great success with an employee who was trying to detox.  They supported the employee, the supervisor and the employees that worked with the employee detoxing.

The cost for an EAP can be around $3.50 to $3.95 per employee per month.  The costs are low and the returns can be substantial.

Depending on the Company you choose to use, it normally provides a 1-800 number where they assess the Employee’s needs and short term counseling can be provided, if required.  A website is available with helpful tools and depending on the need, they will supply relevant books and DVDs.

If you are interested in looking into any of these benefits for your employees, please contact your Resource Specialist, Glendinning Insurance Services.

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